Breaking barriers

Jay Hunsberger, VP of Sales for Sustana Group on what makes Envirolife such an exciting new option for food and beverage brands.

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3 reasons why Sustana Group is changing the game with EnviroLife™

Unmatched purity. Unlimited potential.

No other recycled fiber on the market can match the purity of EnviroLife. With Envirolife, we’ve created a fiber that is free from contaminants such as dirt and stickies present in most post consumer fiber. With it’s unlimited potential, it  can be used for takeaway containers, coffee/tea cups, pizza boxes, soup containers, coffee bags, cheese/meat interleaving paper, clam shell containers, bread bags, etc.

EnviroLife is the only recycled fiber that can be used at 100% inclusion with no added barrier.

What does this mean for you?  It means that you can maximize your sustainability goals with packaging that is comprised entirely of 100% post-consumer fiber. We have developed a fiber that can be used in direct contact applications with no added barrier. Envirolife is backed up by a ‘No objection letter for the FDA at 100% inclusion with no barrier’. Up until now, food and beverage materials required a coating such as polyethylene waxes or foils to be FDA compliant.

EnviroLife is backed up by a ‘No objection letter for the FDA at 100% inclusion with no barrier’

Our recycled fiber contains zero fluorescence

Most recycled fiber contain optical brightening agents (OBA) to meet consumer preferences for brighter papers. Since optical whiteners are not FDA approved for use with food and beverages, a barrier must be added. Our proprietary process completely eliminates OBAs resulting in a fiber that contains zero fluorescence.

Photo by Ross Varrette on Unsplash