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Sustana stands for high-quality products, sustainable manufacturing operations and responsible business practices.

Sustana has full control over the recycled fiber production, papermaking and converting processes. This provides superior quality assurance – and consistently sustainable manufacturing operations. Our production processes focus on minimizing water usage, energy usage, and waste.

We quantify our environmental impact, and help you calculate yours.

Our benchmark LCA presents the cradle-to-gate profiles of the life cycle potential environmental impacts of our pulp mills and EnviroLife™, our FDA-complaint PCW pulp. The study shows that our recycled fibers have a lower environmental impact, compared to generic virgin fibers in North America. 

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A comprehensive lifecycle assessment (LCA) conducted by third-party consultants scientifically evaluated the environmental impact of Rolland papers, from raw materials to disposal, compared to the average virgin and recycled papers in North America. The LCA shows the Rolland Enviro product line has a smaller environmental footprint than the average papers in the study.

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Use our Eco-calculator to know the specific environmental impacts of using Rolland papers, compared to the average for the North American industry.

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Creating a sustainable, closed-loop fiber future


At Sustana Group, we define success not only by the quality of our products and our ability to meet our customers’ needs, but also by the effect our products and processes have on wildlife, people and the planet. This also means taking a broader view by contributing to social and environmental initiatives, and reinforcing the circular economy.

Sustana Group has been a leader in sustainable innovation and environmental stewardship for some time. But recycling is only part of the picture. Our three-pronged sustainability strategy prioritizes certain environmental and social issues by focusing on key topics where we know we can act transparently and make a genuine difference.

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